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Why do people fail to accomplish goals?

Many people I know want to improve their lives. They want more money, nicer things or just to be happier in what they do every day. They set goals, but seem to never make any real changes. Many times they read self help books and attend seminars, but are overwhelmed by the techniques to success they just learned. They may try for a few days or even a few weeks to implement changes in their lives, but very quickly give up and return to their old habits.

Why is it that so many intelligent, capable people fail to accomplish their goals? Well, I think there’s a simple answer to that question. In my experience I have found that success is not reached by one specific thing that you do or don’t do. I have found that the key to accomplishing your goals is determined by adapting a mindset of success.

You need to convince yourself that
1) You deserve to be successful
2) Achieving your goals can be fun
3) It doesn’t matter what other people think
4) Obstacles will be part of the process

There are many resources available to help you develop those attitudes. Once you have the proper mindset then I believe that you will be better able to follow through to achieve your goals. Find a way to enjoy the journey and it will be easier to stay on the path to success.

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