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What do we want when we become incapacitated?

doctor2     The purpose of this article is to understand the thoughts of people with Parkinson’s (PWPs) and others with degenerative and life threatening diseases.  I welcome your opinion on a very sensitive subject.

     I want to know your insights on the thoughts of a person with a chronic, degenerative disease who is living in a body that doesn’t let them move or speak freely anymore. What’s on your/their mind? Are they just tolerating each day, or are they trying to find a way to live each day to the fullest? When the mind keeps going but the body won’t, can the person find a way to cherish what is? Or, do they give up; looking forward to the peace and rest that will come after death?

     I know that this is a subject that we generally try to avoid, but in my mind it addresses the crux of the human experience when dealing with terminal health challenges. I watch fellow PWPs deteriorate with Parkinson’s disease and I wonder what my future holds. What will my mindset be? Will I be strong, courageous, and positive to the end, or will the day come that I will long for the peace and rest that death will bring? Let me know what your opinion and/or experience is.

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One Response to “What do we want when we become incapacitated?”

  1. Health is not about the condition of your body but the state of your mind. Helen Keller is forever my teacher. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” When you continue to love your body and life amazing things happen. When you describe the experience of illness ask how the negative words fit other aspects of your life and eliminate them to help you heal. Constantly ask yourself, “What am I to learn from this experience?”