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The Practical Side of Faith

When we think about faith we often apply it to events in our lives that we consider outside of our control. We speak about the faith that our prayers will be answered for health, wealth, a new job, or whatever. We have faith that if we do the right thing that everything will work out well for us. Followers of The Secret are also familiar with the concept that continually maintaining your faith will help you tap into unseen powers of the universe to bring positive energy to you.

I recently had what seemed like a string of financial bad luck. I had over $3,000 in unanticipated car repair bills, I was spending money for marketing my business that was not generating the results that I had expected and new business seemed to be drying up. As a motivational speaker I felt an obligation to maintain faith in being able to solve my problems, but how can having faith help you if you aren’t quite sure about it’s affect on seemingly mystical unseen forces? That’s what got me thinking about the practical side of faith. As a practical matter, and for purposes of this discussion, I would like to equate having faith with having a positive attitude.

Without a positive attitude you may find yourself getting wrapped up in the apparent bad luck that you might be experiencing. I find that if I allow myself to focus on negative issues that my mental energy is drawn towards the problems in my life. When my focus is on a lack of money, a health issue, a problem at work, or problems with the people around me then I find that the situations seem to get worse and worse. However, when I allow myself to have faith that everything will work out and that a solution is at hand, when I embrace a positive attitude and find the silver lining in the cloud that seems to be surrounding me, then I become solution oriented. I realize that all problems are temporary, that in many cases I have gotten through much worse situations in the past and that I will get through current situation also.

Not only do I feel better about my current situation, because I realize that it’s temporary, but by accepting the fact that there is a solution coming, I begin putting positive energy towards resolving the problem more quickly. As a result, not only do I feel better about my situation, but I find that I am more motivated to do something to resolve the issues at hand.

You may or may not believe that you can tap into the positive energy of the universe to change your circumstances. Regardless, hopefully you’ll agree that by having faith that solutions exist to your current problems, then you’ll be more creative in working towards finding those solutions. Maybe then you’ll see the benefit in having faith as a practical tool in your life.

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