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Take Time Off To Be More Productive

Are you a workaholic? Did you ever not go on a vacation because you had so much work to do at the office that you were afraid of how behind you would be when you got back? You may find that in the long run you’ll get more done if you take time off on a regular basis.

My father taught me a valuable lesson. No matter how stressful things got at work he would always allow himself the freedom of leaving his problems at the office. And by the way, he wasn’t a 9 to 5 office clerk. He owned his own business and had the responsibility of making sure that everything was working well at all times.

I have learned that whenever I let myself get away from the fast paced days at work I was able to clear my head and think more creatively. I would often find solutions to problems that had been nagging me for a long time.

I endured many stressful years in business before I felt comfortable taking off an entire week from work at one time. I understand if you might be uncomfortable being away from the office for that long. You might try taking mini vacations if you can. Try three or four day weekends at least once every quarter.

I know, it may take you three days just to relax enough to enjoy yourself. Think about this, if you didn’t let your stress build up so high to begin with maybe it would be easier to let go and have some fun.

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