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Secrets to Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease, Part 4

This article is the last in a four part  series entitled Secrets to Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease. My goal has been simply to help others by sharing some tips that have helped me over the past ten years in my journey with PD. The previous three articles have covered the topics of:

  • Adopt the attitude that you are not a victim. (Attitude is everything.)
  • Exercise/Activity is more important than medicine in fighting PD. (The proper exercise has been shown to actually reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.)
  • Be open minded to complementary therapies. (Find things that have worked for others and be open minded enough to try them.)


(Note: We all have a tendency to want to find the answers to our problems with minimum effort. Don’t assume that you fully understand the processes discussed in the previous articles just by reading the list above. Please do yourself a favor and read the articles in full if you haven’t already. )

Secret number four may sound simple and trite, but it’s the mindset that all the other secrets depend on. It’s the foundation of secret number one. You’ve probably heard other people say it before. As a matter of fact you may even have said it yourself. Simply stated, secret number four is Don’t Let Parkinson’s Disease Define You. Gee, that does sound trite. But, what does it really mean?

Never, and I mean never, use Parkinson’s disease as an excuse for not doing something. My good friend and fellow author, John Baumann, doesn’t want us to think of ourselves as people with Parkinson’s (PWPs). Instead he believes, and I agree, that we should see ourselves as capable people who just happen to have Parkinson’s disease. Don’t Let Parkinson’s Disease Define You. Do you enjoy painting? Then paint. Do you enjoy volunteering? Then volunteer your time somewhere? Do you enjoy staying active? Then get out and do something.

Look at PD as a minor inconvenience, not an excuse. Going back to secret number one; Don’t think of yourself as a victim. Think of yourself as an active, vibrant person who just happens to have been diagnosed with PD. Find a way to enjoy each day despite any limitations you may have developed. Enjoying life is truly a mindset. Adopt that mindset and make it a part of every day.

5 Responses to “Secrets to Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease, Part 4”

  1. Richard London says:

    Strength to you Mary Lou. Sorry for the late response.


  2. Richard London says:

    Thank you Beckey. Be well and keep smiling!

  3. Beckey says:

    Terrific blog! I am enjoying it. It’s a real upper.

  4. Mary Lou Lafko says:

    PD 14 yrs. 60 years young. I fall therefore I am safer at home. We have ice and snow now and that’s a death trap. I have everything I need in my large expansive home; loving man 24/7, 3 Labradors, 8 indoor Persian cats. Let’s not begin to explain how depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies enter in. This is the holidays and I do not want to bring anyone down. I see a GP, a Neuro., and am long overdue (years) for an ordered mental assessment by my Neuro. I stay where I feel safe. If I could go to sleep tonight and remain sleeping I could be at peace. This will not likely happen because my Loving Family is devoted to me and they don’t deserve this from me. They support me morning, noon, and night.

  5. Darlene says:

    Thank you . My husband fights everyday by being active making things and working out two hours each day. Get out of the way Parkinson’s !!!