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The Main Lesson From Robin Williams’ Death

robin2Robin Williams’ sudden death seems to have shocked people more than any public figure’s passing in recent memory. Probably one of the biggest reasons that we’re so stunned is that we associated Robin Williams with humor, pranks and laughter for decades. There is no doubt that he was a comic genius as well as an accomplished dramatic actor. How could someone so seemingly full of life and dedicated to making others laugh commit suicide? Robin Williams battled with depression for many years. He always put on a smiling public face. The public picture we got was one of him being strong and having conquered his demons. That apparently wasn’t the case.

In contemplating this horrible news I wanted to find one important lesson that we could learn from his life. I’m not talking about his suicide. I will leave the topic of recognizing and treating anxiety and depression to the medical experts. The lesson I was looking for was how to live our lives.

To me the biggest lesson to learn from how Robin Williams lived his life is the importance of making other people happy. Why were we so touched by Robin Williams? It’s because he made us feel good. He made us laugh. Laughter is a universal medicine that multiplies itself the more that we give it away. Robin Williams shared that medicine in large doses and touched millions of people.

Let’s honor Robin’s memory by sharing a smile, a hug, a joke with everyone we meet. Spread good news and good feelings with the people around you. Yes, we loved Robin Williams, but don’t we also love and appreciate the people we see on a daily basis? Find a way to make them smile when they’re around you. I think that’s what Robin would have wanted.


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