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A Treat from 1952

RonLship1CLICK HERE to listen to a 60+ year old recording of a Korean War sailor, 20 year old Ronald London (February 23, 1932 – June 24, 2011).

The recording was made on April 7, 1952 aboard the USS Beatty (DD-756).

Ronnie, as he was known to his friends, will be remembered as a loving father, grandfather, husband, brother, and friend to all.

A digital copy of this recording has been lovingly donated to the US Navy Memorial Foundation’s archives in Washington, DC in my dad’s memory.

RonLondon 4-7-52

5 Responses to “A Treat from 1952”

  1. As an old sailor who sailed on the Great Lakes, this brought back memories and I thank you for that.

    I’m a vet and I like to honor and pay tribute to those who served, with that in mind I’d like to offer two of my creations:

    (1) Tribute To A Fallen Eagle, about a disabled vet that flew his model airplanes in our town


    (2) America Is Calling, A song about standing up for america:


  2. Sylvan & lorrene says:

    It was great hearing our brother’s voice again.
    We miss him alot!!!

  3. An amazing slice of history! Thanks for sharing

  4. Lindsay London says:

    So cool to hear Grandpa’s voice! I really wish I got to spend more time with him.

  5. Bill Loelius says:

    Great recording…Mr. London is very well spoken and enthusiatic about serving his country…”Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” great line!