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Relax to be more productive

Sailboat smalDo you find yourself working harder and longer to get more accomplished, but just become burnt out or frustrated at not progressing the way you think you should?  Do you seem to not be able set aside time for personal reflection and relaxation?

Long ago I found some ways to help me reduce stress, be more productive and become better organized, as well as more rested.  These simple techniques can be used by anyone at any time.  Some people are turned off by terms such as meditation and self hypnosis, but in my experience they are just examples of two relaxation techniques that can be very effective in helping to settle your thoughts and regenerate your mind and body.

I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the mid 1970’s and used it to help stay rested and focused while I worked full time during the days and went to college full time at night.  I later learned hypnosis and practiced hypnotherapy to help people reduce stress, quit smoking, and overcome various phobias.  I no longer practice hypnotherapy, but I do still meditate and perform self hypnosis to relax and get a better handle on business and my life.

As my present to you I have recorded an 11 minute relaxation session for you to use to help unwind and organize your life. Are you willing to treat yourself to 11 minutes of private time where you can let go of your problems and obligations of the day? Are you ready to let someone guide you through a safe, peaceful journey to less stress, serenity, and confidence?

If so, turn off your cell phone, get to a quiet place and let’s begin.

Click HERE to Listen.

Now that you have experienced what it’s like to relax in this way would you like to know how to have that serenity every day?  Make a commitment to set aside just eleven minutes a day for the next two weeks to listen to that recording.  It may seem like you’re too busy to take time to relax like this, but I guarantee that by dedicating a little time to yourself every day that you will be happier, less stressed and more productive in the long run.  Give it a try.

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