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Find Your Motivation to Overcome Obstacles

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive and motivated when you face challenges in your life. Dealing with Parkinson’s disease and cancer has helped me put life’s challenges into perspective. I have come to understand that life will always deliver struggles on some level. I believe it’s not what happens to us, but our attitude towards our circumstances that matter.

How can you stay positive when it seems like you are facing obstacles no matter what you do? To me, happiness and success in any venture begins with a decision to enjoy life’s journey. I find that when I can enjoy the journey to my goal then I concentrate on my actions, which I can control, and not on the negative factors around me which I may not be able to control. Accept the fact that there will be challenges and look past them. Take stock of your strengths and be thankful for what you can and have accomplished in the past. Use your past successes to motivate yourself to not give up.

I am a strong proponent of setting clear goals. Having a goal gives you a focus. I have found that when I am focused on achieving a goal then I don’t make excuses about being too tired, not having enough time, or whatever. You may not reach every goal that you set for yourself, but don’t let that keep you from trying.

Enjoy the journey, anticipate your rewards and take pride in overcoming the challenges you may face.  Be sure to let me know how you do.

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