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Is watching the Olympics Enough?

Wherever I go these days people ask me, “Are you watching the Olympics?”    To tell you the truth, I have not had the opportunity to watch as much of the Olympics this year as I have in the past.

olym3One of the things that I love is how the TV stations involve us in interesting and heartwarming stories of courage and perseverance. I think they do an excellent job of finding the back stories on the athletes and including us in the personal pursuits of these young, dedicated Olympians.  As a result of getting to know the dedication, triumphs, and defeats of the athletes we feel emotionally bonded to them and get that much more excited in watching the dramas unfold.  But is that enough?

What I am asking is not, “Is watching TV really enough to do to support the Olympics and help fulfill the dreams of aspiring gold medal winners?”  What I am asking is, “Is watching the Olympics enough to do to support our own dreams and keep our lives fulfilled?”

As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with a degenerative neurologic disease (Parkinson’s disease) I have to say that watching the Olympics is exciting and heartwarming.  But, if all we do is watch the Olympics and talk about how others are fulfilling their dreams then we run the risk of missing out on how we can use their dedication to inspire us to fulfill our own dreams.

After you watch or read an inspiring story of the single minded focus, sacrifice, and dedication of one of the Olympic athletes stop and ask yourself what goals you have in your life that you would be willing to dedicate yourself to.  When you see the pure excitement and joy on an Olympic gold medal winner’s face as they step up to the medal podium think about how it will feel when you accomplish whatever goal you have in your life.  We all have the Olympic spirit within us.  Channel that energy to do more than just root for a young athlete on TV.  Channel it to make a positive change in your life and feel the excitement when you accomplish you own personal first place finish.

One Response to “Is watching the Olympics Enough?”

  1. Reha London says:

    Nothing beats the satisfaction of feeling productive and alive in the pursuit of fulfilling dreams, and goals. Part of my fulfillment is also vicariously experiencing the joy of the winners. However, I think there should be more celebration of the accomplishments of those who did not medal, but qualified to participate.