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Ohio State University Spreads the Message


Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center approached us about providing our CDs, DVD, and eBook to every one of their patients. Their first order is being fulfilled through a generous donation from the Ohio Parkinson’s Association.


Shown below is Ron Moore, President of the Ohio Parkinson’s Association presenting a Parkinson’s support kit to Dr. Milind Deoghankar from the Wexner Medical Center.

Mr. Moore said, “We had the honor and privilege of presenting Ohio State University Medical Center with enough Richard London patient/caregiver kits for 20 families. 

These kits are phenomenal and, in my opinion, the best motivational tool for people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers, as well as people suffering any diagnosis.”


2 Responses to “Ohio State University Spreads the Message”

  1. You have worked hard to get to this place! Congrats the materials are terrific. Let’s go find others who will benefit.

  2. Congratulations, Rich! What awesome news! Those patients will get so much out of these great products you’ve created. Now this is what I call making a difference! Bravo!