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The PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT series that gets results.

NO CASH NEEDED to motivate your employees and customers

Would you like help inspiring your staff to accomplish more? Are you looking for ways to provide more value to your customers?

In this business environment where people are expected to work harder and produce more with less resources how do you keep morale up and motivate your employees? Another question you may ask is, “What can I do to show my customers that my company is different from the competition?”

Motivational Speaker/Author Richard London will help you inspire your staff and customers to achieve more and overcome obstacles in their business and personal lives. And right now you can book a personalized seminar for your company with no cash outlay.

For a limited time we have made a deal with Great Trade Solutions to provide personalized seminars for your business at 100% barter. That means you can get a personalized motivational presentation for your business with no cash outlay from you.

Richard’s attitude is infectious. Everyone will leave your event uplifted and knowing that they can accomplish more. What’s more, they will remember that you and your company helped them feel that way.

Call Richard London directly at 704-562-6810 or email him at rlondon@AHandBookForLife.com for more details.

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