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A Handbook for Happiness is a wonderful book to help you keep life’s problems in their true perspective. With A Handbook for Happiness you will receive the tools you need to be enjoy every day.

A Handbook for Happiness is an engaging read with tips on:
• Enjoying your life
• Accepting “Progress Not Perfection”
• Finding your passion
• Letting go of money problems
• Reducing stress
• And more

Here’s what just one of our readers said, “I consider myself to be a pretty happy person in spite of the many challenges that have been placed in my path, but it never hurts to check for new ideas.  I just read your ebook and thought it was excellent:  Quick, clear, concise and offering a plan!”~ Jane Broshears, San Luis Obispo, CA, Special Education Teacher

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A Handbook for HappinessA Handbook for Happiness (eBook)
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