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Medical Tech to Keep People Safe Who Live Alone

Thank you to guest blog contributor Jane South for this article.

As you age, there is no reason to allow your quality of life to dip. You can live well, even with Parkinson’s disease, dementia or any other age-related condition. This is more true than ever as technology is helping to make life safe and comfortable. Seniors are often more tech savvy than assumed, with a third of 65-73 year-olds accessing the internet via a mobile device. It is therefore a good idea to introduce tech into your home as you enter retirement, to help with any physical tasks. There may even be a role for technology in providing emotional support. Read on to find out more.

Phone Apps

Smartphones are much more intuitive than the cell phones of old. Gone are days of pressing the number 7 four times just to type the letter ‘s’. Touch screens make using the internet a much easier task for non-natives of the digital world. Now there are phone applications available for older people with medical conditions.

High quality medical alert systems can now be built into cheap apps. These can contain a distress button which a senior can press to notify a family member or the emergency services if they require aid. They can also be used by the older family member to ‘check in’, notifying their loved ones that they are alive and well. If they do not check in after a pre-specified period of time, it will alert others.

Fall Prevention Sensors

The risk of falling increases with age, with more than a third of over 65s falling each year. This is due to decreased balance and weaker joints. It can also be a cause of much anxiety for older people. Sensors are now available to be placed in a person’s shoes and use information from the wearer to determine if they are going off balance in order to alert medical staff before a fall occurs.

Robot Companions

Senior isolation is a real problem, which can cause deep loneliness as you enter your final years. Being cut off from society can be detrimental to health and wellbeing, but robots may be able to provide companionship. In the near future, they will be able to converse with seniors and help them with day to day tasks.

With this technology, you can put your anxieties at ease. The tech will be able to alert medical professionals of accidents and keep your family updated with your wellbeing. As AI progresses, you may even be able to combat loneliness well into old age.

2 Responses to “Medical Tech to Keep People Safe Who Live Alone”

  1. Bruce Stafford says:

    Medical Tech to keep people safe, was an excellent article.

    Thank you,

    Bruce Stafford

  2. Michael Church says:

    Great article Rich! I hear some buzz about gizmos and gadgets and there all supposed to help people. I wonder though, if the robot companion could serve a martini to wash down my meds with? Just kidding of course but really good stuff.