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How Can You Stay Positive Through Major Challenges in Your Life?

The emotions I experienced when I was diagnosed with cancer (and
then Parkinson’s disease two years later) were a mixture of shock and
fear. I asked myself, “How am I going to get through this?” You may be
facing a similar health challenge, or perhaps your most pressing obstacle
right now is job or family related.

We can all be overwhelmed by life’s challenges at times. What is the
best way to get past your problems? I’m going to provide you with a
solution that may sound too simplistic, but has tremendous power if you
truly accept it as part of your mindset.

The answer is, remember that there is always someone better off than
you and someone worse off than you. It’s that simple. If we spend our
time bemoaning why our life is so hard we will never find joy in our days.
Don’t waste your energy on what’s going wrong in your life. Instead, think
about the blessings that you have that other people may not. Do you
have healthy children? Think about the parents whose child just died from
a sudden car accident. Are you upset about a recent problem with your
boss at work? Think about a friend you may know who is unemployed
and is worried about how he or she will pay their bills this month.

When I speak in front of groups I tell them that every problem is
temporary. Then I get the questions. “What about cancer?” “What about
your Parkinson’s disease?” “What about my neighbor who just lost her
husband?” I explain that every problem is temporary until you decide
what you’re going to do about it. As soon as you make a plan and decide
how you’re going to handle your problem you can stop focusing on the
problem and focus on the solution.

Do what you can to change your mindset and stop focusing on the
challenges in your life. Read positive books and hang around positive
people that will reinforce your attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for what
you do have and focus on your action plan to make the most out the cards
life has dealt you.

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