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Is It OK To Have A Pity Party?

Tell me if this scenario sounds vaguely familiar to you. Things went badly at work again today, you got a speeding ticket driving home, and then you found out that you bounced two checks because your last deposit at the bank didn’t clear in time. We’ve all been there. Maybe the exact issues aren’t the same, but I think you can relate to the general feelings that arise from a day like I described.

You ask yourself, “When will this stop?” No matter how many self help books you may read or how much positive self talk you try to invent, at some point you just want to scream. Well, I feel it’s OK to have a pity party once in a while, but I think that it’s important to put a limit on the party. A time limit that is. Try giving yourself five to no more than ten minutes to pout, scream, feel sorry for yourself or even cry. You may want to write down all of the reasons that you feel justify your anger or frustration. Let yourself get it all out.

Once you have a chance to vent your feelings, it’s time to get past them. Take a deep breath. Think about how your current problems are really temporary in the larger scheme of life. Maybe it will make you feel better if you write down a list of things you are grateful for. This may be a good time to sit quietly and think about solutions to your current problems, or how you can prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Yes, I believe you are entitled to have a pity party occasionally, but use it as an opportunity to let go of your frustrations and not immerse yourself in them. Don’t forget the party hats.

One Response to “Is It OK To Have A Pity Party?”

  1. Charity says:

    Thank you. I asked the same question to my group of Christian friends and they all said, “NO!” So I am suppose to hold it all in and be grateful and sing praises?? I cried out to God and told Him – I am tired of being strong, please hear my cry. I cried out my unhappiness and complaints for about 10 minutes like King David did in the Psalms. I feel so much better now! The key is to allow feel all the emotions and let it out but not stay in it! I’m glad my God is more merciful and compassionate than my friends. 🙂