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How Do You Develop Faith?

Many people say that it’s important to have faith.  Faith in yourself.  Faith in good things happening to you.  Faith in achieving your goals.  But, how do you develop faith and keep it alive?

Before we can talk about how to develop faith, we need to decide what faith is.  My definition is that: Faith is the belief that something is real before you have concrete evidence of its existence.

For purposes of this discussion I want to talk about faith in terms of achieving goals and not in a religious context.  When you set a goal and start working towards it you must already have some belief (faith) that you will succeed.  Why else would you begin working towards that goal?  That initial faith is what gets you started.  To fully develop your faith, let yourself get excited about reaching your goal.  Believe in yourself and in your mission.  Don’t worry about all of the steps you will need to take to accomplish the goal, just take the first logical steps toward it.

Foster and grow your faith by celebrating even your small victories along the way.  If something goes according to your plan or you encounter an unexpected success then use that as a sign that you are on the right path.  Believe in the outcome and let yourself get excited about reaching your goal.

View the inevitable setbacks as learning experiences.  Allow them to strengthen your resolve to achieve your goal and use them as a means to appreciate your successes even more.

Keep your faith alive by protecting yourself from negative influences, especially well meaning friends and family who may try to tell you that you won’t succeed.

When you can visualize yourself achieving your goal and stay excited about the rewards that are waiting for you, then no one will be able to convince you that you can’t succeed.  That success attitude my friend is your faith in action.

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