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How do I react when sh*t happens to me?

People have asked me how I react when I am faced with personal crises. As a motivational speaker, I strive to be positive every day. I teach that in my lectures but I like everyone else sometimes have to deal with personal problems.

Recently, medical bills started piling up from a surgery that I had. Stuff started breaking at some of my rental properties and a tenant left six months before the end of her lease. It seemed that just when I started getting ahead with my bills I got hit with over $5000 in unexpected expenses. Does any of that sound familiar to you?

At first it was overwhelming, then I stopped and asked myself, “What would I tell someone if they came to me at one of my seminars with this situation?” I looked at the personal affirmations that I read out loud every day. My affirmations talk about my financial successes and my personal and professional goals for the future.

I was amazed at how just by repeatedly reading my affirmations I changed my attitude about my present situation by focusing on my future successes. Focusing on the future kept me motivated and action oriented. Saying the affirmations reminded me that all problems are temporary and gave me the positive attitude I needed to not be paralyzed by my current challenges.

I’m not saying that if you repeat positive affirmations that your problems will go away, but I have found that reminding yourself of the big picture and your long term goals can help you persevere and find solutions to the short term crises in your life.

2 Responses to “How do I react when sh*t happens to me?”

  1. Richard lives what he talks about. I like that!

  2. Frank Myer says:

    Well said. We tend to have wonderful advice for others, and ignore it for ourselves.

    Other than the positive affirmations is to remember who we are. We are created by a loving God. Just like with our kids – when they get into a mess, we don’t love them less. When the kids know that – they handle the mess a little better.

    When we know who we are – and then understand the struggle is not identifying us, but merely a passing phase -we tend to be stronger.

    Keep up the good work, encouraging others.