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How Can You Control Your Anger?

Thomas Jefferson said, “If you’re angry count to ten before you speak.  If you’re really angry count to one hundred.”  He understood that when we’re angry we have a tendency to say and do things we may regret later.

What most people don’t realize is that allowing uncontrolled venting of your anger can harm you more than the other person.  Think of the driver who gets all worked up while driving in rush hour traffic.  He cuts people off, yells and screams at everyone and no one in particular.  By the time he gets where he is going his blood pressure is through the roof and he is in a foul mood for the rest of the morning.

Decide if you are in control of your situation or if the situation is in control of you.  Be mindful of the fact that all problems are temporary.  Think about the worst problem or embarrassment you ever had.  Think about how upset you were.  Does that problem still bother you today?  Did it still bother you one month after it happened, or even one week?  Probably not.

How do you handle your anger?  Next time something gets you all worked up take a deep breath and mentally step away for a moment.  Ask yourself if this issue is really worth losing your temper over.

One Response to “How Can You Control Your Anger?”

  1. Bill Loelius says:

    I often seek revenge of some sort if I am angered by someone or something. I focus my energy on getting even in a controlled, methodical fashion rather than shouting or punching walls.