Healthcare Keynotes and Workshops

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Healthcare Keynotes

  • How to Have a Great Time with a Bad Disease – This presentation targets specific tips for people to live well with chronic diseases based on Richard’s nine year personal journey with Parkinson’s disease and his surviving prostate cancer.
  • Building Relationships With Your Patients – In this presentation doctors and healthcare workers receive valuable tools to maximize their limited time with patients to improve the level of care and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Five Ways to Help Your Patients When You’re Not There – As a doctor you may see a patient one to four times a year. This presentation will give you five key tools to help your patients during the other 365 days to keep them healthier and engaged with your services.
  • Overcoming Chronic Health Challenges – Living with a chronic condition isn’t easy. This keynote address is designed for patients to show them how to manage and live well with their health issues.
  • Laughing at Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, MS (name the disease for your group) – According to the Mayo clinic laughter will improve your immune system, relieve pain, and make it easier to cope with difficult situations. In Richard’s Laughter presentation the entire audience participates in a Laughter Therapy session. Everyone in attendance will not only feel better, with less stress and reduced pain, but will have the tools they need to reproduce those feelings when they leave the presentation.


Healthcare Workshops

  • Improving the Provider / Patient Relationship to Improve the Patient’s Health – This half day workshop is designed for doctors and other healthcare providers. Attendees will leave the workshop with insights and techniques to increase patient involvement and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Interacting with the Care Partner to Enhance the Patients’ Health Outcome – A family member acting as a care partner can be an invaluable asset or a hindrance to patient care. This workshop provides valuable methods of interacting with the care partner to maximize treatment.


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