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The Handbook Lectures DVD: Entertaining and Inspiring Stories That Will Guide You to Accomplishing More and Enjoying Every Day

Finally, an enjoyable compilation of engaging stories and simple techniques that will help you overcome obstacles, achieve happiness and truly enjoy life. The presentation Laughing at Life brings you into a room with 150 people and gives you techniques that you can use to laugh at life, reduce your stress, and enjoy every day. Making the Most Out of Life uses entertaining stories and anecdotes to help you put your problems and challenges into their true perspective. You will be taken on a journey to expand your possibilities, and open your eyes to your true potential. You will unlock the powers you already possess to achieve your goals and enjoy every day. As one participant put it, “The finale is something you don’t expect and will be blown away by.”

With this DVD you’ll discover how to:
• Set and achieve your goals
• Develop a mindset to overcome obstacles
• Reach your true potential
• Put your problems into their true perspective
• Develop techniques to enjoy every day

As an additional bonus, when you purchase the DVD you will receive a code that you can use on this web site to download your FREE copy of Richard’s newest book, A Handbook for Happiness. A Handbook for Happiness is a wonderful book to help you keep life’s problems in perspective and be happy every day.

Richard London has been inspiring, entertaining, and motivating audiences with his Handbook series books and presentations for years. Despite enduring multiple surgeries following an automobile accident, surviving cancer, and living with Parkinson’s disease, Richard maintains a positive attitude that’s infectious.

Now you can share in Richard’s enthusiasm, wisdom, and indomitable spirit.

Act now to receive your DVD, bonus material, and Free eBook.

(Money back guarantee on all purchases from this web site.)

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