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Do You Have a Fear of Failure or a Fear of Success?

Do you have a fear of failure or a fear of success? You may have both. Have you ever had a goal of something that you wanted, but never quite seemed to be able to make it a reality? Maybe you had a great idea for an invention or changing something in your life, but couldn’t get yourself motivated to take the first steps to making it happen.

It sounds like you may have a fear of failure. You may be secretly thinking, “What will my friends and family think if I don’t succeed?”, or “Will I make a fool of myself if this doesn’t work?” That fear of embarrassment can be immobilizing. The way that I have overcome thoughts like that is to find someone who is supportive and has had success in the area in which I want to pursue. Try finding a mentor to work with on a one to one basis, attend a seminar, buy a DVD course or just read some books. Obviously, the more personal the connection you have with your mentor the better, but find one or more successful role models that you can emulate. Being able to see how others have succeeded can give you the confidence to believe in your own success.

Maybe you’ve started working towards your goal several times and then just when you seem to be reaching it something happens that stops you in your tracks. It may seem that life is conspiring to keep you from succeeding. Have you ever taken the time to examine a common theme to those roadblocks? Maybe you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself. Rather than have a fear of failure you may have a fear of success. A fear of success can be deceiving because you may not even realize what you are doing.

If you think that might be what’s been holding you back then try what I do. Find a quiet place where you can think without being disturbed. Take out a piece of paper and write down your version of the following questions:
*      What am I doing that is keeping me from succeeding?
*      How will things positively change for me when I reach my goal?
*      Do I deserve to have success in this area? If not, then why not and how can I change that?

If you are comfortable meditating then you can meditate on those questions, or just take ten minutes to think about the questions and write down your gut feelings as to what the answers might be.

You may have both a fear of failure and a fear of success, but you don’t have to let either one of them permanently stop you from achieving the goals in your life.

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