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Your newsletter is a gentle and wonderful reminder of commitment, compassion, empathy, persistence, and caring. It’s a regular reminder of how we should all aspire to be regardless of our personal circumstances.
~ Peter Popovich, Coachsultant

Very Uplifting. Thank you. ~ Jane W. Meyer, Executive Director, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County

I enjoy your [newsletters] very much, [the latest] one in particular. I just got off the phone with my doctor who told me my cholesterol was sky high! We decided to try to lower it by eating right and exercising regularly. I thought to myself, oh boy, I wonder if I have the discipline! Then I read your newsletter and it gave me a push to do the right thing. I thank you very much! ~ Diane Dilemani

I found out about you and your work through an author – Paul Mila. (I am his editor.) You are right on target with the topics you address and the solutions you suggest.  Rest assured that at least one person looks forward to reading your newsletters and applying it to her life. ~ Lorraine Fico-White, Magnifico Manuscripts