10 Things Every Caregiver Must Know


10 Things Every Caregiver Must Know (Audio CD)

Caregivers of people with a neurological disease can feel overwhelmed at times. The impact of the disease on their lives is profound. In 10 Things Every Caregiver Must Know you will find the key points to lead a more balanced life, support your loved one, and cope with the challenges you face every day.

Here’s what some caregivers had to say about the CD:

Richard London’s CD 10 Things Every Caregiver Must Know is an inspirational and informative tool that every Caregiver/Carepartner of someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD) must have. I’ve been a PD Carepartner for 17 years and I thought I knew most of the tips, but was pleasantly surprised to find new tips and coping skills within this CD. Every caregiver should have a copy!  Listen the first time to learn and then listen again to refresh your memory. Richard not only provides information, he also provides support and encouragement which EVERY caregiver needs! – Angela Robb, PD Carepartner since 1996

I listened to the CD, got an incredible boost, and a new way of looking at Parkinson’s… Thanks Rich for sharing this wealth of information with the world. You have given those who have PD and those affected by PD a great gift!!!! – Beverly Pearson, Spouse and Caregiver (3 years)

As a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years… I am often offering counsel, support and education to the spouses, adult children or other care partners of the persons suffering a communication or swallowing impairment. Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to Richard London’s Handbook for Life series, which includes an audio CD: 10 things Every Caregiver Must Know.  Richard makes you feel like you are listening to a trusted friend, and I found the suggestions practical and meaningful.  I plan to place the CD in the therapy waiting area where spouses can listen while waiting for a loved one. Mary Spremulli,MA,CCC-SLP, Clinical Consultant, Passy-Muir Inc., Owner, Voice Aerobics, LLC



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