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Believe in Yourself

Rabbi Yaakov Salomon tells the story of an attorney who is defending a man for murder. The evidence against the man is overwhelming. The district attorney, defense attorney, judge and most of the people in the court room realize that the defendant is guilty.

The problem is that the victim’s body was never found. In his closing argument the defense attorney got up to address the jury. He announced, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in exactly sixty seconds the supposed victim, the man my client is accused of murdering, will walk through the door at the back of this court room.” With that he paused for a second and started counting.

“One. Two. Three.” The jurors’ eyes looked intently at the door. On he went and finally, “Fifty-seven. Fifty-eight. Fifty-nine. Sixty.” And then nothing happened. No one entered the court room. The defense attorney turned to the jury and said, “Ladies and gentlemen I apologize. I told you something that obviously did not come true. However, the mere fact that you stared at the door showed me that you had some measure of doubt. And, if you had any doubt at all you MUST find my client innocent.” With that the defense attorney triumphantly took his seat.

The jury left the court room and began their deliberation. They deliberated for only five minutes and then returned. The foreman of the jury faced the judge and said that they had reached a verdict. “Guilty,” he pronounced.

The defense attorney was livid. He stood up, faced the jury and demanded, “How could you find my client guilty? I saw you watch that door!”

The foreman replied, “Yes sir, you are correct. We did watch the door, but we also watched you and your client. Neither one of you watched the door. That’s because you knew there was no chance that the victim would walk into this court room. Why should we believe you if you don’t even believe yourself?”

Believe in yourself and your goals. If you don’t believe that your goals are possible and worthwhile then you can’t expect anyone else to.

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