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911 Observations

911For those of you who have heard me speak you know that I talk about removing negativity from my life wherever I can. However, on this tenth anniversary of 911 I couldn’t help being wrapped up in the reading of the names of the 911 victims on TV at ground zero by the family members of the victims of that memorable day. I don’t see this remembrance of the atrocity of 911 as focusing on the negative in the world. I see this as an opportunity to express love and empathy for thousands of individuals just like us who were suddenly faced with the catastrophic loss of a loved one. My overwhelming thought was, “There for the grace of God go I.”

I think the lesson we can learn today is one of active caring and concern for people everywhere that are faced with losing a loved one. I lost my father about two and a half months ago, but I can’t even begin to understand what it is like to wake up one morning and suddenly be told that my child, spouse, parent or sibling was killed as a victim of a terrible hate crime. I feel for the families and am strengthened by their ability to move on past this horrible tragedy in their lives.

I’m sure that it hasn’t been easy, and that some of them still feel an unbearable sorrow in their hearts. But, my faith in human kindness and in the resiliency of the human spirit is renewed by seeing the outpouring of love and caring by individuals all across this great nation.

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