10 Things Every PWP Must Know


10 Things Every Person With Parkinson’s Must Know (Audio CD)

10 Things Every Person With Parkinson’s Must Know provides the essential tips for living well with Parkinson’s disease and making the most out of every day. These are the proven philosophies and easy to live by nuggets that Richard has discovered in his Parkinson’s journey and shares with you.

Here’s what two of our listeners had to say:

Living with Parkinson’s is not easy. The topics listed in Richard London’s 10 Things Every PWP Must Know CD provide guidelines that will enhance your lifestyle.  Listening to this CD is a must for all people with Parkinson’s.  Take control of your life. – Rich Clifford, three time Shuttle Astronaut and Person with Parkinson’s

I recently had the blessing and honor of listening to Richard’s new CD 10 Things Every Person With Parkinson’s Must Know. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, whether newly diagnosed or if you’ve lived with the disease for years.

When I listened to the CD I was inspired, encouraged and motivated beyond description. Thank you Richard for making living with Parkinson’s disease much easier to bear. – Ron Moore, President, Ohio Parkinson’s Association

Every PWP needs to discover how this CD will improve their lives.



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