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A Handbook for Happiness

Happiness is a Decision!

What can you do to help yourself be happy in the face of life’s pressures and challenges?

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Audio CDs, Books, eBooks, and DVDs available now. London has designed his CDs, books, and DVDs the same way as his seminars and workshops. He presents practical, easy to implement steps in an engaging fashion. You will be entertained and receive ongoing reinforcement for...

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Richard is approachable, easy to like and very easy to understand. A cancer survivor, Parkinson's patient, successful entrepreneur and family guy, he exemplifies the attitudes he wants us to develop. He's an inspiration to anyone who reads his books or...

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Some keynote addresses leave the attendees feeling pumped up, but two days later they fall back into their same old patterns. When Richard gives a keynote presentation or workshop...

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In A Handbook for Life℠, Richard London shares his tried-and-true methods for setting and achieving goals. Many others have done the same, but the BIG difference with Rich is that...


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